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The Cult of the Amateur: How Blogs, Myspace, Youtube, and the Rest of Today's User-Generated Media Are Destroying Our Economy, Our Culture, and

by Andrew Keen

How to Make Money with YouTube: Earn Cash, Market Yourself, Reach Your Customers, and Grow Your Business on the World's Most Popular Video-Sharing Sit

by Brad Schepp

Pop-Culture Pedagogy in the Music Classroom: Teaching Tools from American Idol to YouTube

by Nicole Biamonte

Music, Social Media and Global Mobility: Myspace, Facebook, Youtube

by Ole J. Mjos

Coding4fun: 10 .Net Programming Projects for Wiimote, Youtube, World of Warcraft, and More

by Dan Fernandez


by Jesse Russell

Unruly Media: Youtube, Music Video, and the New Digital Cinema

by Carol Vernallis

Shakespeare and Youtube: New Media Forms of the Bard

by Stephen O'Neill

And Jesus Spoke on Youtube

by Frederick Douglas Harper

Youtube Channels for Dummies

by Rob Ciampa

Social Media, Politics and the State: Protests, Revolutions, Riots, Crime and Policing in the Age of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

by Daniel Trottier

The Impact of Youtube on U.S. Politics

by Lachrystal D. Ricke

iPod, YouTube, Wii Play: Theological Engagements with Entertainment

by D. Brent Laytham

YouTube Marketing Power: How to Use Video to Find More Prospects, Launch Your Products, and Reach a Massive Audience

by Jason Miles

YouTube: An Insider's Guide to Climbing the Charts

by Alan Lastufka

Sams Teach Yourself Youtube in 10 Minutes

by Michael Miller

YouTube for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business

by Michael Miller

Millennial Makeover: MySpace, YouTube, and the Future of American Politics

by Morley Winograd

Naked Lens: Video Blogging & Video Journaling to Reclaim the You in Youtube

by Michael Sean Kaminsky

Youtube Seo Ranking Checklists: Targeted Traffic Using Online Video Marketing

by Tracy Foote

Youtube Jump-Start Guide for Small Business: Getting Started with Youtube Marketing...Step by Step

by Miles Austin

What Happens in Vegas Stays on Youtube: Privacy Is Dead. the New Rules of Reputation.

by Erik Qualman

The Sensation of Viral Videos: An Understanding of Youtube

by Beatriz Scaglia

Citizen Generated Journalism: How You Can Participate Through Mobile Commuting, Videophone, Blogging, Digital Storytelling and Youtube

by Lynn Hawkingbird

Youtube: Everything You Need to Know about the Website Including History, Features, Accepted Container Formats, and More

by Gaby Alez

Youtube War: Fighting in a World of Cameras in Every Cell Phone and Photoshop on Every Computer

by Cori E. Dauber

Youtube War: Fighting in a World of Cameras in Every Cell Phone and Photoshop on Every Computer [Enlarged Edition]

by Cori E. Dauber

How to Make Money on Youtube: The Secret to Making Money on Youtube

by E. G. P. Editorial

How to Make Money Online with Youtube: The Ultimate Honest Guide for Making Money on Youtube

by Caesar Lincoln

How to Make Money Online with Youtube

by Bri

Youtube Marketing: How to Create a Successful Channel and Make Money

by Sergey Puchkov

Youtube: Top 10 Strategies to Create a Successful Youtube Channel and Make Money Online

by Joshua Elans

How to Make Money with Youtube: How to Earn Money by Uploading Videos and Monetizing Channel

by John Wood

Youtube Channel Passive Income Streams Video Marketing Book: : Build an Audience with Youtube Seo & Make Money on Youtube

by Brian Mahoney

Restaurant Marketing Free Online Advertising Youtube Channel Online Presence: How to Step by Step Create Online Ads to Make Massive Money for Your Res

by Brian Mahoney

Youtube Marketing: From 0 to 100k Subscribers - How to Grow Your Channel and Make Much More Money

by James Harris

How to Make Money with Youtube Channel Marketing: Learn How to Make Great Youtube Videos, Gain More Subscribers, and Make Passive Income Online

by Conrad Douglas

Youtube and Video Marketing for Beginners: How to Easily Make Money Online by Recording Viral Videos

by Jamie Guzman

How to Make Money on Youtube 2018: How to Create and Market Your Channel, Make Great Videos, Build an Audience and Make Money on Youtube

by Michael L. Anderson

Youtube Money: How to Create a Channel, Build an Audience and Make Passive Income on Youtube with Proven Video Marketing Techniques

by Mark Robertson

Youtube Channel Success How to Create a Great Youtube Channel, Gain Millionsof Subscribers, and Make Money Too: Learn How to Make Money on Youtube Sta

by Ernie Braveboy

Youtube Profits - No Filming, No Money Needed: Be Anywhere and Make Big Profits

by Frank Knoll