Susan Lacke



She was a young, overweight college professor with a pack-a-day habit and a bad attitude. He was her boss and a disciplined, accomplished Ironman(R) triathlete. She was a whiner; he was a hard-ass. He had his act together; she most certainly did not.

Yet Susan and Carlos shared a deep and abiding friendship that transcended career, sport, and even cancer. Carlos showed Susan a different path to follow, one of health and confidence, even as his own body was failing him.

Both amusing and poignant, Life's Too Short To Go So F*cking Slow is a buddy story about running and triathlon, and a moving tale of missteps, redemption, and personal growth. Most of all, it's a testimony to the transformative power of friendship.

SUSAN LACKE is a writer, professor, and endurance athlete whose work regularly appears in Competitor, Triathlete, Women's Running, and Salt Lake magazines. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with four animals: a Labrador, a cattle dog, a miniature pinscher, and a freakishly tall husband named Neil.

"With humor and brutal honesty, Lacke draws you into a touching story that's refreshingly free of affected 'inspirational crap.' It made me laugh, and it gave me pause to reflect on my own fallible inner voice. It brought tears to my eyes and simultaneously left me with a smile." --HEATHER WURTELE, PROFESSIONAL TRIATHLETE

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Running and triathlon, growth and heartbreak, and an epic friendship that went the distance.