Japanese and Chinese Language Books

A Dictionary of Japanese Buddhist Terms

by Hisao Inagaki

Chinese Proverbs and Popular Sayings: With Observations on Culture and Language

by Qin Xue Herzberg by Larry Herzberg

Basic Patterns of Chinese Grammar: A Student's Guide to Correct Structures and Common Errors

by Qin Xue Herzberg by Larry Herzberg

Kanji Pict-O-Graphix: Over 1,000 Japanese Kanji and Kana Mnemonics

by Michael Rowley

Michael Rowley's KanjiPictoGraphix: Dragon Book: Blood, Fire, and Spirit: Essential Kanji Mnemonics

by Michael Rowley

Sacred Sanskrit Words: For Yoga, Chant, and Meditation

by Leza Lowitz

Japanese the Manga Way: An Illustrated Guide to Grammar and Structure

by Wayne P. Lammers

Kanji Starter 1

by Daiki Kusuya

Crazy for Kanji: A Student's Guide to the Wonderful World of Japanese Characters

by Eve Kushner

Japaneseness: A Guide to Values and Virtues

by Yoji Yamakuse

Speak and Read Chinese: Fun Mnemonic Devices for Remembering Chinese Words and Their Tones

by Larry Herzberg

Kanji Box: Japanese Character Collection

by Shogo Oketani

Speak and Read Japanese: Fun Mnemonic Devices for Remembering Japanese Words and Their Meanings

by Larry Herzberg

Easy and Fun Hiragana: First Steps to Basic Japanese Writing

by Kiyomi Ogawa

Easy and Fun Katakana: Basic Japanese Writing for Loanwords and Emphasis

by Kiyomi Ogawa

Womansword: What Japanese Words Say about Women

by Kittredge Cherry