Regent College Bookstore

Welcome to the Regent Bookstore Aerio site! Originally founded in the 1970’s, Regent Bookstore is one of the last remaining theological bookstores in North America. We are pleased to offer this website in the hopes of continuing our work of equipping thousands of off-campus customers around the world with high quality theological resources. Orders are fulfilled directly by our distributor, Ingram, and all prices are in USD. Your purchase directly supports the ongoing ministry of our not-for-profit Bookstor

Writing the River

by Luci Shaw

Sounding the Seasons

by Malcolm Guite

Polishing the Petoskey Stone: Selected Poems

by Luci Shaw

A Widening Light: Poems of the Incarnation

by Luci Shaw

The Poets of Windhover Marsh

by Murray a. Pura

William Cowper: Selected Poetry and Prose

by William Cowper

Word in the Wilderness: A Poem a Day for Lent and Easter

by Malcolm Guite

Waiting on the Word

by Malcolm Guite

Imago Mundi: Poems

by Loren Wilkinson

The Grace Between

by D. John MacLennan

Ragged Edges: Poems from the Margins

by Charles R. Ringma