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Welcome to the Regent Bookstore Aerio site! Originally founded in the 1970’s, Regent Bookstore is one of the last remaining theological bookstores in North America. We are pleased to offer this website in the hopes of continuing our work of equipping thousands of off-campus customers around the world with high quality theological resources. Orders are fulfilled directly by our distributor, Ingram, and all prices are in USD. Your purchase directly supports the ongoing ministry of our not-for-profit Bookstor

Five Days in London, May 1940

by John Lukacs

Princeton and the Republic, 1768-1822: The Search for a Christian Enlightenment in the Era of Samuel Stanhope Smith

by Mark a. Noll

Confessions and Catechisms of the Reformation

by Mark a. Noll

Between Faith and Criticism: Evangelicals, Scholarship, and the Bible in America

by Mark a. Noll

Christians in the American Revolution

by Mark a. Noll

History of the Church in England

by J. R. Moorman

The Nazi Persecution of the Churches, 1933-1945

by J. S. Conway

Anglicanism and the Christian Church

by Paul Avis

Writings and Disputations of Thomas Cranmer: Relative to the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper (1844)

by Thomas Cranmer

The Church in the Canadian Era

by John Webster Grant

Study of Anglicanism Paper EDI

by John Booty

Lost Fatherland

by John B. Toews

The Experience Meeting: An Introduction to the Welsh Societies of the Evangelical Awakening

by William Williams

Honouring the People of God: Collected Shorter Writings of J.I. Packer on Christian Leaders and Theologians

by J. I. Packer

Canadian Evangelicalism in the Twentieth Century: An Introduction to Its Character

by John G. Jr. Stackhouse

The Diaries of David Epp: 1837-1843

by John B. Toews

English Spirituality in the Age of Wesley

by David Lyle Jeffrey

A History of the Brethren Movement: Its Origins, Its Worldwide Development and Its Significance for the Present Day

by F. Roy Coad

What Happened to Christian Canada?

by Mark a. Noll

Anglican Evangelical Identity: Yesterday and Today

by J. I. Packer

Revisiting Toronto the Good: Violence, Religion and Culture in a Late Victorian City

by William D. Reimer