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Welcome to the Regent Bookstore Aerio site! Originally founded in the 1970’s, Regent Bookstore is one of the last remaining theological bookstores in North America. We are pleased to offer this website in the hopes of continuing our work of equipping thousands of off-campus customers around the world with high quality theological resources. Orders are fulfilled directly by our distributor, Ingram, and all prices are in USD. Your purchase directly supports the ongoing ministry of our not-for-profit Bookstor

Last Supper and Lord's Supper

by I. Howard Marshall

A Walk Through the Bible

by Lesslie Newbigin

Biblical Inspiration

by I. Howard Marshall

Jesus and the Old Testament: His Application of Old Testament Passages to Himself and His Mission

by R. T. France

Obeying the Truth: Paul's Ethics in Galatians

by John M. G. Barclay

Songs of the Servant: Isaiah's Good News

by Henri Blocher

The Evidence for Jesus

by R. T. France

The Living God: A Look at What the Bible Says about God

by R. T. France

A Passion for Christ: An Evangelical Christology

by Douglas D. Webster

Divine Government: God's Kingship in the Gospel of Mark

by R. T. France

The Enormous Exception: Meeting Christ in the Sermon on the Mount

by Earl F. Palmer

Jesus the Radical: A Portrait of the Man They Crucified

by R. T. France

Babylon Post: And Other Uncommon Tales from Jeremiah

by Rob Alloway

The Broken Wall: A Study of the Epistle to the Ephesians

by Marcus Barth

The Servant King: The Bible's Portrait of the Messiah

by T. D. Alexander

Laughter in Heaven: Understanding the Parables of Jesus

by Earl F. Palmer

Jesus and the Last Days: The Interpretation of the Olivet Discourse

by George R. Beasley-Murray

It Is Finished

by Darrell W. Johnson

The Bible in World Christian Perspective: Studies in Honor of Carl Edwin Armerding

by W. Ward Gasque

The Left Hand of God: And Other Uncommon Tales from Esther, Nehemiah and Ezra

by Rob Alloway

Who Is Jesus?

by Darrell W. Johnson

Who Is This Jesus?

by Michael Green

Integrity: A Commentary on the Book of Philippians

by Earl F. Palmer

Against the Grain

by Iain Provan

The Beatitudes

by Darrell W. Johnson

Research for the Academy and the Church: Tyndale House and Fellowship

by Thomas a. Noble

National Insecurity: A Primer on the First Book of Samuel

by Keith Bodner