EnerPower Press Imprint

The EnerPower Press Imprint is for what we call team publishing, which can range from simply offering printing and distribution services to hand-held self-publishing. Through this imprint we also offer imprints for your organization and customized printing.

An examination of biblical chronology from creation to new creation

by Robert A. Makar

Small group and individual helps and exercises to overcome your past

by Iris Subel Davis

A Living Psalter: Creative Reflections on the Psalms

by Geoffrey D. Lentz

Homosexuality: A Scriptural Way Forward for the United Methodist Church

by Joseph Walter Miller

Be an Encourager

by Diane Milnes

If Your Child Is Gay

by Steven F Kindle

Researching Abroad: Tips and Tools for the Trade

by D Keith Campbell

Marriage Equality: Why Same-Sex Marriage Is Good for the Church and Nation

by Steven F Kindle

Granny's Tails

by Pam Bell

The Messiah and His Kingdom to Come: A Biblical Roadmap (Color)

by Robert A. Makar

Words of Life, Light, and Love

by Betty Rae Nick