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This store includes books from Energion Publications, including our EnerPower Press, Enzar Empire Press, and Eucatastrophe Press imprints, plus other books written by our authors, along with a few recommended by our editors and Energion owner, Henry Neufeld.

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Piglet's Process: Process Theology for All God's Children

by Bruce G. Epperly

The short guide designed to go with Participatory Study Series Books

by Henry E. Neufeld

Letters of John: A Participatory Study Guide

by Robert D. Cornwall

Jesus Is Lord, Caesar Is Not: Evaluating Empire in New Testament Studies

by Scot McKnight

Jesus and Paul: Global Perspectives in Honour of James D. G. Dunn. a Festschrift for His 70th Birthday

by B. J. Oropeza

It's in the Toolbox

by Greg May

Life as Pilgrimage: A View from Celtic Spirituality

by David Moffett-Moore

Worshiping with Charles Darwin

by Robert D. Cornwall

Letters to My Grandson: Gaining Wisdom from a Fresh Perspectives

by Bruce G. Epperly

The Authorship of Hebrews: The Case for Paul

by David Alan Black

What Protestants Need to Know about Roman Catholics

by Robert R. Larochelle

Eschatology:: A Participatory Study Guide

by Edward W. H. Vick

Granny's Tails

by Pam Bell

Uncommon Questions from an Extraordinary Savior

by Christopher Bozung

So Much Older Then ...

by Robert LaRochelle

From Fear to Faith: Stories of Hitting Spiritual Walls

by Joel L. Watts

Not Your Everyday Devotional for Every Day

by Greg May

My Life Story

by Becky Lynn Black

Which Voice Will You Follow:: Hearing and Answering Christ's Call

by William Powell Tuck

Going with the Flow: Navigating the Streams of Life

by Linda Estes

Why Doesn't God Do Something?: A Bold and Honest Look at the Eternal Question

by Ronald Higdon

Forgiveness:: Finding Freedom from Your Past

by Harvey R. Brown

To Be or Not To Be: The Adventure of Christian Existentialism

by David Moffett-Moore

The Third Way: A 14-Day Mission Pilgrimage Prayer Journal

by Chris Surber

Formatting for File Conversion and Publication

by Helen Wisniewski

Christianity: The Basics

by Jr. Elgin L Hushbeck

The Energy of Love: Reiki and Christian Healing

by Bruce G Epperly

Out of the Ashes: Constructive Theology for Those Burned Out on Christianity

by Kenneth W Arthur

Spiritual Care Reflections from a Hospice Chaplain

by Jr. Charles J Lopez

Angels, Mysteries, and Miracles:: A Progressive Vision

by Bruce G Epperly

Marriage Equality:: Why Same-sex Marriage Is Good for the Church and Nation

by Steven F Kindle

A Short Critique of Climate Change

by Jr. Elgin L Hushbeck

All I Need to Know I'm Still Learning at 80:: Things I'm Still Working On

by Ronald Higdon

Out of the Office: A Theology of Ministry

by Robert D Cornwall

Holy Dark Places: Wilderness and Exile in the Christian Experience

by Daniel S McGregor

Those Footnotes in Your New Testament: A Textual Criticism Primer for Everyone

by Thomas W Hudgins

Fifty Shades of Grace

by Shauna Marie Hyde

Death, Immortality, and Resurrection

by Edward W. H. Vick

Poetic Love Essentials

by Tabitha Edwards-Walton

Holy Smoke! Unholy Fire!

by C McKibben Robert

The Forgotten Beatitude: Worshiping through Stewardship

by William Powell Tuck

The Gospel According to Mark: A Participatory Study Guide

by Robert C McKibben

Running My Race: Reflections on Life, Loss, Aging, and Forty Years of Teaching

by David Alan Black

A Positive Word for Christian Lamenting:: Funeral Homilies

by William Powell Tuck

Jonah: When God Changes

by Bruce G Epperly

History and Christian Faith

by Edward W. H. Vick