The I AM America Reading List

A unique collection of spiritual and esoteric books for personal growth, self-development, and empowerment.

Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth about the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity

by James Hansen

The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History

by Elizabeth Kolbert

The Vedic Prophecies: A New Look Into the Future: The Eastern Answers to the Mysteries of Life

by Stephen Knapp

Earth Changes: Historical, Economical, Political, and Global

by Edgar Cayce

Prophetic Revelations of Paul Solomon: Earthward Toward a Heavenly Light

by W. Alexander Wheeler

The Hopi Survival Kit: The Prophecies, Instructions and Warnings Revealed by the Last Elders

by Thomas E. Mails

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate

by Naomi Klein

Worlds in Collision

by Immanuel Velikovsky

The Book of the Hopi

by Frank Waters

Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change

by Elizabeth Kolbert

The Battle for Paradise: Puerto Rico Takes on the Disaster Capitalists

by Naomi Klein

Awakening the Planetary Mind: Beyond the Trauma of the Past to a New Era of Creativity

by Barbara Hand Clow

Last Waltz of the Tyrants: The Prophecy Revisited

by Ramtha Ramtha