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Indian Cradles of California and the Western Great Basin

by Justin F. Farmer

Insects of the Los Angeles Basin

by Charles L. Hogue

Is That a Skunk?

by Gary Bogue

It's Nice to Be a Kit Fox

by Molly Woodward

It's Nice to Be a Mountain Lion

by Molly Woodward

It's Nice to Be an Otter

by Molly Woodward

It's Nice to Be a Pika

by Molly Woodward

John Muir's Book of Animals

by John Muir

Journey to Topaz: A Story of the Japanese-American Evacuation

by Yoshiko Uchida

Just Another Nigger: My Life in the Black Panther Party

by Don Cox

King Sequoia: The Tree That Inspired a Nation, Created Our National Park System, and Changed the Way We Think about Nature

by William C. Tweed

The Last Stand: The War Between Wall Street and Main Street Over California's Ancient Redwoods

by David Harris

Latitudes: An Angeleno's Atlas

by Patricia Wakida

The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada

by John Muir Laws

The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds

by John Muir Laws

The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling

by John Muir Laws

San Francisco Bay Area

by John Muir Laws

The Laws Pocket Guide to the Birds of the Sacramento Valley: Birds of the Sacramento Valley

by John Muir Laws

Laws Pocket Guide: Yard and Garden Birds

by John Muir Laws

Lela Rhoades, Pit River Woman

by Molly Curtis

Life After Manzanar

by Naomi Hirahara and Heather C. Lindquist; Foreword by Art Hansen

Life Amongst the Modocs: Unwritten History

by Joaquin Miller

Life in a California Mission: Monterey in 1786

by Jean François de la Pérouse

Literary Industries: Chasing a Vanishing West

by Hubert Howe Bancroft

Living Wild

by Elaine Miller Bond

Making Home from War: Stories of Japanese American Exile and Resettlement

by Brian Komei Dempster

The Man Who Lit Lady Liberty

by Richard Schwartz

The Man Who Lit Lady Liberty: The Extraordinary Rise and Fall of Actor M. B. Curtis

by Richard Schwartz

Many Worlds: Native Life Along the Anza Trail

by Katherine Brumage

Manzanar to Mount Whitney: The Life and Times of a Lost Hiker

by Hank Umemoto

Mark Twain's Civil War: The Private History of a Campaign That Failed

by Mark Twain

Mark Twain's San Francisco: Uninhibited Dispatches on "the Livest Heartiest Community on Our Continent" by America's Greatest Writer

by Mark Twain

Masha'allah and Other Stories

by Mariah K. Young

The Mission: Photographs by Dick Evans

by Dick Evans

Morning the Sun Went Down

by Darryl Babe Wilson

The Mountains of California

by John Muir

Muir Woods and Mt. Tam Note Card Box

by Tom Killion

My First Summer in the Sierra

by John Muir

A Naturalist's Guide to the Santa Barbara Region

by Joan Easton Lenz

The Naturalist's Illustrated Guide to the Sierra Foothills and Central Valley

by Derek Madden

No Place for a Puritan: The Literature of Californias Deserts

by Ruth Nolan

No Rooms of Their Own: Women Writers of Early California

by Ida Rae Egli

Northern California Coast Note Card Box

by Tom Killion

Native California Flash Cards: For Culture and Language Learning

by Lyn Risling