Guy's Book Recommendations

My own books, and some recommended reads



Great book about where food comes from

by Michael Pollan

The full-colour facsimile, translation and commentary of Vadi's De Arte Gladiatoria

by Guy Windsor

My new translation and commentary on Vadi's De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi

by Guy Windsor

The definitive treatment of the oldest combat manual we have.

by Jeffrey L. Forgeng

Another great instalment of the Vorkosigan saga.

by Lois McMaster Bujold

Terrible cover. Great book. This is my absolute favourite space saga.

by Lois McMaster Bujold

Fantastic classic sci-fi- with swords!

by Neal Stephenson

one of my favourite books ever.

by Neal Stephenson

Get started with the baroque cycle here. It's a fabulous book.

by Neal Stephenson

Awesome story

by Neal Stephenson

Historical European Martial Arts in Its Context: Single-Combat, Duels, Tournaments, Self-Defense, War, Masters and Their Treatises

by Richard Marsden

Everything you need to know about historical martial arts

by Guy Windsor

Everything you need to know about historical martial arts

by Guy Windsor

Definitive guide to German medieval longsword

by Christian Tobler

Very interesting overview of medieval warfare, aimed at GoT fans

by Ken Mondschein

Great little book on Fiore dei Liberi

by Ken Mondschein

Great book about the history of debt.

by David Graeber

Very good overview of how to build muscle and why you should.

by John R. Little

Very important book on why we sleep and how to do it better

by Matthew Walker

Vitally important book on how starch and sugar are killing you

by Gary Taubes

Beautiful book on a wide range of workbenches.

by Lon Schleining

Great book for guiding you to build a workbench

by Christopher Schwarz

Beautiful and inspiring book on woodworking without power tools

by Tom Fidgen

Fabulous book on how to get important work done

by Cal Newport

Fantastic book on how to actually get important work done

by Cal Newport

Gorgeous book for all fans of hand planes.

by Garrett Hack

Very interesting discussion of traditional Japanese martial arts training

by Seki Humitake

Short bios of women too badass to ever be a Disney Princess.

by Jason Porath

Gorgeous book about beautiful manuscripts. One for the history nerds!

by Christopher de Hamel

Fascinating study of the applications of martial arts training to real life

by Dave Lowry

Very important study of the way your mind works

by Daniel Kahneman

Awesome martial arts memoir

by Robert Twigger

Really interesting study of one of the first women scientists

by David Bodanis

Interesting discussion of the necessity of failing sometimes

by Tim Harford

Awesome book!

by Rory Miller