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15%-30% off all print titles by Pagoda Press, El Paso Press, and Special Edition Books, including The Art of War by Sun Tzu, The Samurai Series, and The Philosophy of Spinoza.

Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy - A Utopian Novel

by Edward Bellamy

Beowulf: In Old English and New English

by James H. Ford

Women on the Verge: American Women's Literature of the Progressive Era: Short Fiction & Poetry

by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

The Foreigner: A Story of Ruth

by Corinne Malvern

According to Thomas: A Story of the Apostle Thomas

by Shawn Conners

Tamar - A Story of the Messiah

by Gladys Malvern

Mamzelle - A Story of the War of 1812

by Susan Houston

Saul's Daughter: The Story of David and Michal

by Gladys Malvern

Heart's Conquest: A Story of Medieval England

by Susan Houston

Ann Lawrence of Old New York

by Gladys Malvern

Eric's Girls: A Story of New Amsterdam

by Corinne Malvern

1001 Arabian Nights - The Complete Adventures of Sindbad, Aladdin and Ali Baba - Special Edition

by Anonymous

Bon Bons, Bourbon and Bon Mots: Stories from the Algonquin Round Table

by Robert Benchley

Dear Wife: A Story of the American Revolution

by Gladys Malvern

The Aeneid of Virgil

by Virgil

Patriot's Daughter: The Story of Anastasia Lafayette

by Gladys Malvern