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Jan-Carol Publishing, INC with imprints, Little Creek Books, Mountain Girl Press, Express Editions, RoseHeart Publishing: Hot Sheets, Broken Crow Ridge, and DigiStyle. Genres include historical fiction to romance mysteries to children's book and sci-fi.

A story of family abuse.

by Susan Noe Harmon

Nine short stories highlighting universal conflicts and dilemmas.

by Ksenia Rychtycka

Discover the bond of friendship with an unsuspecting relationship.

by Leigh Anne W. Hoover

A book addressing issues like teenage rebellion, abusive relationships, drug addiction, and depression.

by Jenn Sadai

Samuel's crimes catch up to him, but his life soon becomes an example of the power of God's love.

by Jessica Beaver

Shattered But Not Broken

by Tawana J. Campbell

A guide with effective tips for starting a children's ministry.

by Sharon Wicker

An inspiring story of a girl and her family, as she is recovering from traumatic brain injury.

by June Barrett

A Christian message with a dose of humor that touches your heart.

by Cathy Peters-Sidebottom

A book written in dedication to a beloved dog, filled with gifts of expression and love.

by Susan Howell

A story following the author's journey before becoming a published author.

by Jenn Sadai

Every girl dreams of her wedding, but what if it ended with the word "annulment?"

by Leigh Anne W. Hoover

An inspirational story about putting faith in God.

by Susan D. Crum-Teague

Ten Lessons That Will Get You Fired: (But You Must Teach Immediately)

by Alex Campbell

A story encouraging self confidence and body positivity.

by Jenn Sadai

From the Fence: Gardening with God: One Sense at a Time

by Connie Clark-Thompson

An empowering story of a woman who saves herself.

by Jenn Sadai

An empowering book that provides clarity and resilience as you go forward in life.

by Edd John J. Burton

The Author shares her life's journey as a woman stricken with a silent disease paralyzing her stomach.

by Rosie Hartwig-Benson

Gem,a young woman,surrounded by death,a bad marriage, is bent, not broken & her past and future reconcile.

by Rita Rumgay

Rare and Original interviews of 20 women deciding to NOT have children.

by Jenn Sadai

A poet is controlled by a Voice.

by Reynald Altema


by Hunter D. Darden


by Hunter Darden

Wisdom Collector Journal

by Francisco a. Perez

Woman to Woman - If You Own It, Claim It! Success: A Beginner's Inspirational Guide for Women Seeking to Start Their Own Business

by Janie C. Jessee

The Wisdom Collector Journal

by Francisco a. Perez