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Hubbleville Series Book 1

by Micki Bare

Two young boys enjoy fireflies in different parts of the world.

by Tamela Marie Wheeler

In a mysterious cave, four orphans discover their destinies.

by Laurie Harman Wilson

In the third book of the children's series, Little Dooey is back to plan a birthday party.

by Kim Rohrer

Burton the Cow has a big problem: he's allergic to grass and hay. What will he do?

by Lisa Hall

Mary invites children to learn the names of the fantastic herbs.

by Carolina Major Diaz San Francisco

Twelve forest animals set off on adventures and learn lessons along the way.

by Victoria Fletcher

A new twist on the classic Cinderella story.

by Noelle Gibbons

A sweet conversation between a grandparent and grandchild that reveals a wealth of information.

by Kristin Hale

Luis's plan to scare his sister could jeopardize all of Halloween.

by Jessica Beaver

Stories mixed with fantasy to make learning science more enjoyable.

by Adda Leah Davis

A story for children about two sassy cats and their very different personalities.

by Claudia Ware

Stumpy realizes working hard is the right thing to do.

by Patty Presnell Kinkead

Hubbleville Series Book 3

by Micki Bare

The fourth book of the children's series about Little Dooey.

by Kim Rohrer

A penguin that can be an example to children.

by Wayne a. Major

Chucky the Mouse's love for chocolate gets him into real trouble.

by Katie Meade

Follow an unlucky donkey through an extraordinary turn of events.

by Dr Amanda Ellis-O'Quinn

Follow the latest adventures of Little Dooey and his friends, as they rescue a runaway kite.

by Kim Rohrer

Join Willy, Molly, and Mayor Sigmund to see what happens when the silly-haired snowman comes to Snowflake.

by Connie Clyburn

Walter searches the sea for a place where he belongs.

by Olivia Carmichael

Kallie Grace Is a Firefighter

by Katie Goulds

Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, Goes to Hawaii: The Adventures of Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin

by Wayne R. Major

Color and Learn with Buddy the Worm!

by Red Bud Farm

Alexander's adventure inside a magical oak tree.

by Michael Dillon

An inspiring children's story based on Christian Bible principles.

by Rebeca Porter

Born Again

by Jessica Helton

When the Sun Shines Through

by Mary Edwards-Olson

Wonderful Children's book with a valuable lesson about friendship and acceptance.

by Jocelyn M. Lacey

Little Teddy's Big Adventures

by Teresa Wilkerson

The Crayon (W) Rapper

by Cheryl Livingston

Wimp to Warrior: The Story of a Little Spartan

by Luke Kramarski

Wimp to Warrior: The Story of a Little Spartan

by Luke Kramarski

A children's story following Hallie, who is sprinkled with coral dust and becomes a mermaid.

by Stacey Lynn Schlegl

A children's story about an adventurous kangaroo rat.

by Stacey Lynn Schlegl

A children's book about the adventures of a poison arrow frog and his friends.

by Stacey Lynn Schlegl