Station Eleven

by Emily St John Mandel

The Complete Zap Comix Boxed Set

by R. Crumb

Maggie the Mechanic

by Jaime Hernandez

The Love and Rockets Companion: 30 Years (and Counting)

by Marc Sobel

Will Eisner: A Centennial Celebration

by Will Eisner

The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume One (Earth Hive, Nightmare Asylum, the Female War)

by Steve Perry

Extinction Horizon

by Nicholas Sansbury Smith


by Hugh Howey


by Hugh Howey


by Hugh Howey

Rogue Trooper Classics

by Gerry Finley-Day

Moebius Library: The World of Edena

by Moebius

Red Horse

by Jay Tinsiano

False Flag

by Jay Tinsiano

Blood Tide: A Doug Brown Terrorist Thriller

by Jay Tinsiano

Pandora Red

by Jay Tinsiano

White Horse

by Jay Tinsiano

The Adventures of Herge: Creator of Tintin

by First Last

Fifty Freakin' Years of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

by Gilbert Shelton

Conceptual Realism: In the Service of the Hypothetical

by Robert Williams

Tank Girl One: Remastered

by Alan C. Martin