Bonafide Media



Station Eleven

by Emily St John Mandel

The Complete Zap Comix Boxed Set

by R. Crumb

Maggie the Mechanic

by Jaime Hernandez

Will Eisner: A Centennial Celebration

by Will Eisner

The Complete Aliens Omnibus: Volume One (Earth Hive, Nightmare Asylum, the Female War)

by Steve Perry


by Hugh Howey


by Hugh Howey


by Hugh Howey

Batman Noir: The Dark Knight Returns

by Frank Miller

Moebius Library: The World of Edena

by Moebius

Red Horse

by Jay Tinsiano

False Flag

by Jay Tinsiano

Blood Tide: A Doug Brown Terrorist Thriller

by Jay Tinsiano

Pandora Red

by Jay Tinsiano

White Horse

by Jay Tinsiano

The Adventures of Herge: Creator of Tintin

by First Last

Fifty Freakin' Years of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

by Gilbert Shelton

Tank Girl One: Remastered

by Alan C. Martin