The Five C's of Cinematography: Motion Picture Filming Techniques

by Joseph V. Mascelli

Gaffers, Grips and Best Boys: From Producer-Director to Gaffer and Computer Special Effects Creator, a Behind-The-Scenes Look at Who Does What in Th

by Eric Taub

Harold Prince: A Director's Journey

by Carol Ilson

A Talent for Trouble: The Life of Hollywood's Most Acclaimed Director, William Wyler

by Jan Herman

Thinking Like a Director: A Practical Handbook

by Michael Bloom

On Film-Making: An Introduction to the Craft of the Director

by Alexander Mackendrick

The Writing Center Director's Resource Book

by Christina Murphy

So You Want to Be a Producer

by Lawrence Turman

Arthur Penn: American Director

by Nat Segaloff

The Screenplay Business: Managing Creativity and Script Development in the Film Industry

by Peter Bloore

Secrets of Breaking Into the Film and TV Business: Tools and Tricks for Today's Directors, Writers, and Actors

by Dean Silvers

The International Film Business: A Market Guide Beyond Hollywood

by Angus Finney

Inventing the Movies: Hollywood's Epic Battle Between Innovation and the Status Quo, from Thomas Edison to Steve Jobs

by Scott Kirsner

Lighting, HD, Film and Business

by Steven R. Flanigan

501 Things You Should Know about the Independent Film Business

by John Rodsett

The Film Appreciation Book: The Film Course You Always Wanted to Take

by Jim Piper

Photography and Film Making Path from Hobby to Business

by Alexander Gurman

Inside Vfx: An Insider's View Into the Visual Effects and Film Business

by Scott Ross

Become Creative Writer in 45 Minutes: Creative Writing for Beginners Prompts, Exercises, Topics, Ideas, Jobs, Tips Coursebook Book

by Jonathan Membron

The Business of Film: A Practical Introduction

by Paula Landry

The Biz, 5th Edition (Expanded and Updated): The Basic Business Legal and Financial Aspects of the Film Industry

by Schuyler M. Moore

Professional and Business Ethics Through Film: The Allure of Cinematic Presentation and Critical Thinking

by Jadranka Skorin-Kapov