Apprentice House Press



White Asparagus

by D. R. (David Richard) Belz

Racing with Shadows

by James K. Dill

My Ancestors Are Reindeer Herders and I Am Melting In Extinction: Saami-American Non-Fiction, Fiction, and Poetry

by Ron Riekki

Just Mercy

by Dorothy Van Soest

Death, Unchartered

by Dorothy Van Soest

At the Center

by Dorothy Van Soest

Winded: A Memoir in Four Stages

by Dawn Newton

My Ancestors Are Reindeer Herders and I Am Melting In Extinction: Saami-American Non-Fiction, Fiction, and Poetry

by Ron Riekki


by Thierry Sagnier


by Thierry Sagnier

Still Come Home

by Katey Schultz

The Hidden Heart of Charm City: Baltimore Letters and Lives

by Katherine Cottle


by Maria Giura

Meadows of Memory: Poems and Prose by Lidia Kosk

by Lidia Kosk

Father's Day Creek: Fly Fishing, Fatherhood and the Last Best Place on Earth

by Dan Rodricks

Flashes of War: Short Stories

by Katey Schultz

Trial By Family

by Roselee Blooston

Innocent: Confessions of a Welfare Mother

by B. Morrison

The Old Editor Says: Maxims for Writing and Editing

by John E. McIntyre

Still Life in a Hurricane

by Bill Jones

Halfway: A Journal Through Pregnancy

by Katherine Cottle

Next Move: My Terrible, Wonderful, Bipolar Life

by Troy Roberts

Retina Boy

by Ben Shaberman

Setting the Family Free

by Eric D. Goodman

Love Punch & Other Collected Columns

by Rob Hiaasen

Running with Slugs: The Official Handbook for Living in a World Surrounded by Slugs

by Eric Arnold

A Piece of Sky, a Grain of Rice: A Memoir in Four Meditations

by Christine Hale

American Sentences: One Sentence, Every Day, Fourteen Years

by Paul Nelson

Face Half-Illuminated

by Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka

From the Edge of the World

by David L. Carter

In Praise of Speaking: Philosophical Conversations Inspired by Adriaan Peperzak

by Catriona Hanley

Float Plan

by Rob Hiaasen

Behind Silent Smiles

by Tanya J. Peterson

Creative Threads: Think Like an Entrepreneur. Discover Your Calling.

by Jon Barnes

Rethinking Emilie Francis Davis: Lesson Plans for Teaching Her Civil War Pocket Diaries

by Karsonya Wise Whitehead


by Barbara Bolgiano

Philosophy Sketches: 700 Words at a Time

by Alexander E. Hooke

Roost: Confessions of a First-Time Chicken Farmer

by Bronwyn Mitchell-Strong

Thresholds and Other Poems

by Matt Hohner

The Brittle Gods: Ancient Themes Rethought

by Terence Kuch

This Business of the Flesh

by C. Kubasta

Death, Unchartered

by Dorothy Van Soest

Union Square

by Adrian Koesters

An Afterlife

by Frances Bartkowski

The Bowl with Gold Seams

by Ellen Prentiss Campbell

The Loneliness Jacket

by Charles Hansmann

Wisdom for a Young Golfer

by Charles J. Acquisto

Deranged: Finding a Sense of Place in the Landscape and in the Lifespan

by Jill Sisson Quinn