EVERY BOOK PUBLISHED by Anomalist Books is always available in this store, operated by Ingram, the world's largest book distributor. The store charges an extra $.45 or so for our books, but there is never an out-of-stock warning, or delay of weeks before you receive your order, as in some other online bookstores of note.

Time Loops: Precognition, Retrocausation, and the Unconscious

by Eric Wargo

Jott: When Things Disappear... and Come Back or Relocate - And Why It Really Happens

by Mary Rose Barrington

The Entity Letters: A Sociologist on the Trail of a Supernatural Mystery

by James McClenon

The Secret Art: A Brief History of Radionic Technology for the Creative Individual

by Duncan Laurie

The Spirit of Dr. Bindelof: The Enigma of Seance Phenomena

by Rosemarie Pilkington

Witnesses to the Unsolved: Prominent Psychic Detectives and Mediums Explore Our Most Haunting Mysteries

by Edward Olshaker

Dark Intrusions: An Investigation Into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences

by Louis Proud

Consulting Spirit: A Doctor's Experience with Practical Mediumship

by Ian Rubenstein

Sliders: The Enigma of Streetlight Interference

by Hilary Evans

Spirit Voices: The First Live Conversation Between Worlds

by Mark L. Cowden

Strange Guests

by Brad Steiger

Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from the Shadow World

by Brad Steiger

Beyond Shadow World: Our Shared World of the Supernatural

by Brad Steiger

Esprit: Men and Women of Parapsychology, Personal Reflections, Volume 1

by Rosemarie Pilkington

Men and Women of Parapsychology, Personal Reflections, Esprit Volume 2

by Rosemarie Pilkington

Our Psychic Potentials

by D. Scott Rogo

On the Track of the Poltergeist

by D. Scott Rogo

The Search for Yesterday

by D. Scott Rogo

A Psychic Study of the Music of the Spheres

by D. Scott Rogo

A Casebook of Otherworldly Music

by D. Scott Rogo