Pink & Patent Leather

by Candy Jackson


by Nina Foxx

The Motherhood Diaries 2: Humorous and Heartwarming Musings on Motherhood

by Reshonda Tate Billingsley

Anything I Wanna Be

by Sydni Moore

The Perfect Present

by Jackie Lee

The Perfect Summer

by Jackie Lee

Blind Ambition: One Woman's Journey to Greatness Despite Her Blindness

by Ever Lee Hairston

Tell Me Lies

by Michelle Lindo-Rice

The Ex Chronicles

by Penelope Christian

Sister Surrogate

by Lachelle Weaver

The Dating Game: Short Stories about the Search for Mr. Right

by Kay Trina Morris

All I Want for Christmas

by Gina Johnson

A Good Thing

by Stacey Evans Morgan

Temptation: The Aftermath

by Victoria Christopher Murray

The Bully Stop

by Sylvia Sealy