Perfecting Moment is a daily compass for the believers’ walk in Christ

by Theresa Scott

Your Secret Operator: The Answer To Your Prosperity

by Sonya Hylton

A Woman With Childhood Issues

by Debrea Howard

Soul Wealth: Finding Vision, Compassion, Authenticity, Abundance and Legacy in the Midst of Chaos

by Vikki Johnson

Meditations for Minstrels: A 30-Day Devotional for the Christian Music Ministry Team

by Cynthia D. Stargell

Even in the absence of the physical Womb, the spiritual womb still exists and needs to be healed.

by Carol Lynne Smith

Nine authors, nine diverse stories - one problem - scandalous first ladies!

by Shanier Adderley Souffrant, Stephanie Outten, Craig Stafford, Margarette Joyner, Toni Seaton, Melissa Smith, Yolanda Davis McCullough, LaShawn Hewlett Wilson E Claudette Freeman

11 Women Share Powerful Stories of Pain, Awareness, Grief, Abuse, Acceptance and More

by E. Claudette Freeman

My Gg and Me

by Tywanna S. Estell

Culinary Roots 2: A Legacy of Faith, Family and Food

by Brenda L. Jackson

She once walked a path where women ended up dead; now she leads women on a powerful journey.

by Cyteria Freeman

Delightfully delicious twists on Southern Dishes

by Brenda L. Jackson

Chaos, Loss and Awakening Leads to an Amazing Journey.

by Carol Lynne Watson

Short stories ripped from the pages of reunions, births, deaths, and your diary

by Emily C. Freeman

Spirituality and divinity; the powerful prescriptions for holistic healing.

by Robin McCray

Let your words remind you that you are powerful, vital and FABULOUS!

by E. Claudette Freeman

When darkness consumes, arise - write and release. Morning comes.

by E. Claudette Freeman

Embedded secrets often require divine, yet painful, intervention

by Deborah L. Jones-Allen

A painful addiction - repeatedly loving the wrong others before loving you.

by Vikki Johnson

Love may draw you - but will it keep you?

by Sheila Whalum

Whatever life brings - rejoice, cry, love, live - DANCE!

by Emily Claudette Freeman

Write your way to the inner strength well able to endure.

by Emily Claudette Freeman

Vikki-isms are morsels of life wonderfully prepared to feed the mind, spirit and soul.

by Vikki Kennedy-Johnson

They come during sleep to awaken purpose.

by Emily Freeman

This is a cross between intimate dinner chat and 22 sessions on the therapist's couch.

by Emily Claudette Freeman

Years of nightmares, a crazy parishioner & a woman's curiosity opens Pandora's Box from hell in this suspenseful work

by E. Claudette Freeman

Take off all of the layers that burden you, add weight to your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical beings.

by Emily Claudette Freeman