Heartsong: Living with a Dying Heart: A Memoir

by Anita Swanson Speake

Unmasking What Matters: 10 Life Lessons From 10 Years on Broadway

by Sandra Joseph

Shunned: How I Lost my Religion and Found Myself

by Linda A. Curtis

To Play Again: A Memoir of Musical Survival

by Carol Rosenberger

Rudy's Rules for Travel: Life Lessons from Around the Globe

by Mary K. Jensen

Redlined: A Memoir of Race, Change, and Fractured Community in 1960s Chicago

by Linda Gartz

Screwnomics: How Our Economy Works Against Women and Real Ways to Make Lasting Change

by Rickey Gard Diamond

Walking Between Worlds: A Spiritual Odyssey

by Athena Demetrios

Too Much of Not Enough: A Memoir

by Jane Pollak

The Red Ribbon: A Memoir

by Nancy Freund Bills

The Parrot's Perch: A Memoir of Torture and Corruption in Brazil

by Karen Keilt

The Greek Persuasion

by Kimberly K. Robeson

The Elegant Out: A Novella

by Elizabeth Bartasius

The Buddha SAT Right There: A Family Odyssey Through India and Nepal

by Dena Moes

The Alchemy of Noise

by Lorraine Devon Wilke


by Sande Boritz Berger

Saturday's Child: A Daughter's Memoir

by Deborah Burns

Profound and Perfect Things

by Maribel Garcia

Out of the Bronx: A Memoir

by Irene Sardanis

Never Sit If You Can Dance: Lessons from My Mother, Babe

by Jo Giese

Lost Without the River: A Memoir

by Barbara Hoffbeck Scoblic

I'm Saying No!: Standing Up to Sexual Assault, Street Harassment, and Sexual Pressure

by Beverly Engel

Heartsong: Living with a Dying Heart: A Memoir

by Anita Swanson Speake

Guesthouse for Ganesha

by Judith Teitelman


by Diane Wald

Do You Have Kids?: Life When the Answer Is No

by Kate Kaufmann

Camp Grandma: Next-Generation Grandparentinga Beyond Babysitting

by Marianne Waggoner Day

Buried Saints: A Memoir

by Brin Miller

Bring the Rain

by Joann Franklin

A Veil Removed: A Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novel

by Michelle Cox


by Sondra Helene

A Marriage of Equals: How to Achieve Balance in a Committed Relationship

by Catherine E. Aponte Psyd

A Better Next

by Maren Cooper

The Restless Hungarian: Modernism, Madness, and the American Dream

by Tom Weidlinger

The House Children

by Heidi Daniele

Sarah's War

by Eugenia Lovett West

Pursuits Unknown: An Amy and Lars Novel

by Ellen Clary

Peccadillo at the Palace: An Annie Oakley Mystery

by Kari Bovee

Alchemy's Air: Book Two of the Equal Night Trilogy

by Stacey L. Tucker


by Rickey Gard Diamond

Infinite Now

by Mindy Tarquini

Recipes for Redemption: A Companion Cookbook to a Cup of Redemption

by Carole Bumpus

Final Gifts

by Carol Mithers

Running on Two Different Tracks

by Eileen Stukane