Stay young and healthy!

by Bradley Gascoigne

Pass the Test: A Guide for Employees

by Beverly A. Potter

Overcoming Job Burnout: How to Renew Enthusiasm for Work

by Beverly A. Potter

Cultivator's Handbook of Marijuana

by Drake

Cooking with Cannabis: The Most Effective Methods of Preparing Food and Drink with Marijuana, Hashish, and Hash Oil Third E

by Adam Gottlieb

Your Brain Is God

by Timothy Leary

The Way of the Ronin: Riding the Waves of Change

by Beverly A. Potter


by Virginia Bennett

Turning Around: Keys to Motivation and Productivity

by Beverly A. Potter

Turn on Tune in Drop Out

by Timothy Leary

A Treasury of Hashish

by Alexander Sumach Thc

Training Black Spirit: Ethics for African American Teens

by William L. Conwill Ph. D.

Tales of Tongue Fu

by Paul Krassner

The Steersman: Metabeliefs and Self-Navigation

by John C. Lilly

Start Your Own Religion

by Timothy Leary

Statins: Miraculous or Misguided?

by Mark James Estren

Spiritual Secrets for Playing the Game of Life

by Florence Scovel Shinn

Simulations of God: The Science of Belief

by John C. Lilly

Simple Pleasures: Tune Into Now!

by Sir John Lubbock

Sexy Sacred Mushrooms

by John W. Allen

Sex, Drugs, and Aphrodisiacs: Where to Obtain Them, How to Use Them, and Their Effects

by Adam Gottlieb

Search for the True Aphrodisiac

by Timothy Leary

The Scientist: A Metaphysical Autobiography

by Lilly

Sacred Mushrooms & the Law

by Richard Glen Boire

Sacred Mushrooms of the Goddess: The Secrets of Eleusis

by Carl A. P. Ruck

Right Where You Are Sitting Now: Protecting Animal Companions After You Die

by Robert Anton Wilson

The Quiet Center

by John C. Lilly

Question Authority; Think for Yourself

by Beverly A. Potter

Psychedelics Encyclopedia

by Peter Stafford


by Peter Stafford

The Psychedelic Prayers: The Devotional Verse of Tsongkhapa

by Timothy Leary

Psychedelic Chemistry

by Michael Valentine Smith

Psilocybin Producers Guide

by Adam Gottlieb

Programming the Human Biocomputer

by John C. Lilly

Prescription Drug Abuse

by Mark James Estren