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Love, Light and Mermaid Tails: One Woman's Healing Journey Back to Wholeness Through Stage Four Cancer

by Fi Munro Phd

Doing It

by Hannah Witton

Bags Around the World: Thoughts and Words Offering Solace & Inspiration to Ignite the Human Spirit

by Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

Another Bag Another Day: Creating a New Lease on Life in a New World

by Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

Better with a Bag Than in a Bag

by Jo-Ann L. Tremblay

Courage Takes Guts: Lessons Learned from a Lost Colon

by Lois Fink

Does This Hospital Gown Come with Sequins?: (And Other Questions I Asked During My 218-Day Hospital Stay)

by Lisa Goodman-Helfand

Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved

by Kate Bowler

My Other Bag's a Prada: Quick and Dirty Tips for Surviving an Ileostomy

by Aw Cross

The Jock Connection: On the Trail of Billy Bagman and the Colostomy Comic

by Rob Little

You Have a Colostomy

by Inc Pritchett &. Hull Associates

Don't Die of Embarrassment: Life After Colostomy and Other Adventures

by Barbara Barrie

Octavia the Octopus Has an Ostomy

by Rebekah Foguth

It's Okay to Have an Ostomy

by Ann Favreau

Positive Options for Living with Your Ostomy: Self-Help and Treatment

by Craig A. White

The Ostomy Book: Living Comfortably with Colostomies, Ileostomies, and Urostomies

by Barbara Dorr Mullen

Living Well with an Ostomy

by Elizabeth Rayson

Stoma Care

by Jennie Burch

Duct Tape Won't Stick to a Leaky Ostomy Bag: One Man's Fight Against Crohn's Disease and Cancer

by David H. Brantley

The Fabulous Woman's Guide Through Cancer: A Lifestyle Guide to Help You Through

by Nicola Bourne