The quintessential resource for the woman (& OB team) starting with nasty nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.

by Miriam Erick

Having normal blood sugars before getting pregnant reduces the risk of birth defects.

by Cheryl, MS Rd LD Mussatto

Anyone with elevated blood sugars (pre-diabetes) needs to buy and USE this book ASAP! You can't afford to wait.

by Hillary Wright

Seven percent of all men struggle with male infertility. Health problems such as diabetes contributes.

by Rd Lauren Manaker MS

Hillary Wright works with a major infertility clinic in Boston and her approach has helped hundreds of women.

by Hillary Wright

Irritable bowel syndrome can really make you miserable! Get the help you need today.

by Patsy Catsos

"Eat more plants -->take fewer pills" says Miriam Erick! Plants love our planet too! A double WIN-WIN.

by Jill Nussinow

If you live alone, consider this cookbook. Cook once, eat twice, save time! Time for a heart-saving healthy walk!

by Jennifer Koslo

We all have to eat, don't we? When we chose more healthful food, what happens to our weight is AMAZING!

by Marla Heller

The Low-Fodmap Diet Step by Step: A Personalized Plan to Relieve the Symptoms of Ibs and Other Digestive Disorders--With More Than 135 Deliciously Sat

by Kate Scarlata

Remember... start your folate supplement BEFORE getting pregnant and your healthy eating plan.

by Elizabeth Somer

This is the resource women planning for multiples need to read: great advise with nutritious recipes.

by Barbara Luke

Start your new family eating plan with this favorite resource.

by Elizabeth M. Ward

Chocked full of yummy eats and treats everyone is sure to enjoy.

by Stephanie Clarke

What could be easier than 5 ingredients becoming a healthy-- a delicious-- meal!

by Toby, MS Rd Cdn Amidor

This book will make a perfect baby-shower gift! Think of how many women will also benefit from knowing about it!

by Stephanie, MS Rd Cdn Middleberg

New thoughts from experts on the introduction to solid foods the baby's grandparents might need to know.

by Jennifer House

If your little one seems to be a picky eater, grab a cup of tea and read this resource for guidance.

by Jill Castle

Lots has changed since 1984 when Anne Marie Ezzo wrote a 4 page paper, "Parent Controlled Feeding"!

by Ellen, Ma Rdn LD Gipson

A fun book to help kids learn how and why to eat healthier foods.

by Whitney Catalano

The Bible of healthy eating for worried parents....

by Ellyn Satter

After months of breast-feeding when it's time to add solid foods, you'll want this resource.

by Rd Jill Castle MS

A well respected and researched resource to deal with food allergies.

by Janice Vickerstaff Joneja

If your child's day care or kinder-care isn't serving healthy foods, this is an ideal teacher present.

by Carol J. Buckle

Recent statistics suggest an increase incidence in the prevalence of autism. This book may may help.

by Elizabeth Strickland

From the Registered Dietitian who gave you the book, "Food & Mood", more great advice.

by Elizabeth Somer

This book is not only good for your child, it is important for everyone under your roof. A great coffee table book..

by Nicole B. Magryta

Worried about pressure cooking? Watch Jill's You Tube videos and you will be convinced this is the way-to-go!

by Jill Nussinow

You won't go 26.2 miles without optimal nutrition! Buy this book before you get your next pair of running shoes.

by Marni, MS Rd Cssd Sumbal

A properly planned vegetarian diet CAN help you achieve those 26.2 miles of your dreams!

by Lisa Dorfman

This author is a Certified Diabetes Education (CDE) with a mission to curb pre-diabetes in our Nation's youth.

by Ma Rd Cde Cdn Lisa Stollman

A perfect book for the budding athlete in your home.

by Jill Castle

Move to more plant-based eating for a healthier you and a healthier planet!

by Jessica Jones

High blood pressure & high cholesterol are 2 of 3 problems leading to Metabolic Syndrome which NOBODY wants!

by Marla Heller

Eating nutritious foods in the proper amounts might make one re-consider taking Botox or "going under the knife"!

by Pamela Schoenfeld

If a history of Alzheimer's Disease or dementia runs in your family, you'll want to have read this book yesterday!

by Maggie Moon

Here you go! A whole year of planet-friendly eating tips and menus complete in one fabulous book!

by Sharon Palmer

This quick read is a primer about healthy eating and how to do it. Very entertaining!

by Michael Pollan

THE Bible of resources from THE leader of Intuitive Eating. It can't get any better than that!

by Evelyn Tribole

Anyone affected by kidney disease will want to know about this resource.

by Mathea Ford

Nancy Clark is one of the premier Registered Dietitians in sports nutrition. Follow her suggestions to feel great!

by Nancy Clark

A 2018 study suggests that 38.4% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime! OMG!!

by Patrick Quillin

Nobody wants cancer but affected persons really need to read and follow the critical advise between these 2 covers.

by Barbara Grant

We all do it-- eat out! If someone you know has diabetes, alert them to this resource & they'll love you for life!

by Hope S. Warshaw

Heaps of healthy and yummy-tasting recipes-- you'll have a hard time choosing which one to create tonight.

by Bonnie R. Giller

Paying attention to the food on the plate is a major step toward improving health.

by Megrette Fletcher