Lucid Books

The Weekend Rancher: An Expert's Guide to Buying, Managing, and Loving Your Country Property

by Matt Montgomery

A Garden for Poppy

by Chelsea D. Erickson

A Garden for Poppy

by Chelsea D. Erickson

Always and Never: The Companion Journal

by Lisa Shumate

Always and Never: 20 Truths for a Happy Heart

by Lisa Shumate

Reconstructed: Finding Christian Identity in a Postmodern World

by Amanda Rutledge

Secure: The Prayer Guide: Connecting to God Through Persistent Prayer

by Susannah Baker

The Elisha Factor - Living the Double-Portion Life: A Devotional

by Kevin P. Horath

Pray with a Pen: A 13-Week Journal for Praying and Planning

by Justin Hyde

Clarifying the Bible: A Media Experience to Help Make Sense of It All

by Mitch Maher

His Word Alone: A Call to Put Down Your Bible Studies and Pick Up Your Bible

by Summer Lacy

Crash: Living Life at the Point of Impact

by Randy Brown

Our Gift-Giving God: A Devotional

by Andrea Levin Kim

Calling all leaders who are seeking to hone their skills and reach the next level as a leader!

by Kevin E. Bowser

Confessions: Finding Hope Through One Pastor's Doubt

by Steve Hinton

God & Country: All Things Are Possible

by Jacqueline Arnold

A Party for Poppy

by Chelsea Erickson

A Party for Poppy

by Chelsea Dane Erickson

The Giant Fish & Jonah: A Bible Story from a Unique Perspective

by Amy Creel

The Giant Fish & Jonah: A Bible Story from a Unique Perspective

by Amy Creel

Becoming Peace

by Kamra Smith

Give Them the Keys: Making a Youth Ministry a Youth's Ministry

by Tim Ramsey

Praying for Community Transformation: Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself

by Mary Ann Bridgwater

Imprisoned to Hope: Forgiveness as a Form of Lament

by Vernon Burger II

Storm Group: A Study Guide for Show Yourself a Man

by Brad Larson

Show Yourself a Man: End the Confusion. Form Your Identity. Forge Your Manhood.

by Brad Larson

When I Make It to Heaven, I'm Going Straight to the Complaint Department

by Joel Reed

That Deacon Book: Hopefully, the Least Boring Book You'll Ever Read about Deacons

by Matt Ford

Life as She Does It Presents: A Life of Flavor

by Sheila Garcia

Life as She Does It Presents: A Life of Flavor

by Sheila Garcia

Selah: Devotions from the Psalms for Those Who Struggle with Devotion

by Ross Lester

Hidden Souls: A Bible Study for Women Seeking Healing from Abuse

by Tamara Renee

Frustrated: How the Bible Resolves Life's Tough Questions

by Jeff Ludington

Love You from Right Here: A Keepsake Book for Children in Foster Care

by Jamie Sandefer

Church Project: A Biblical, Simple, and Relevant Pursuit of Church

by Jason Shepperd

Broken Compass: Finding Your Way Again After Divorce

by Vivian Rush

Healed for Life: A Story of Redemption

by Cynthia Wenz

Proliferate: A Church Planting Strategy for Everyday Churches

by Dr Jason Crandall

Abbi's American Adventures: The Search for the Missing Bandana

by Rachael Peters

Navigating the Digital Sea: Gospel Guidance for Social Media

by Kort Marley

Courage: Roy Blanchard's Journey in America's Forgotten War

by Paul Dean

He Lived Among Us: A Look at Christ's Life on Earth

by Bob Craig

Choose Joy: Bridging the Gap Between God's Glory and Our Greatest Good

by Cameron Roy

What a Difference a Meal Makes: The Last Supper in the Bible and in the Christian Church

by Christian Eberhart

Fence Posts

by Doug Chumley

Entrebusiness: 7 Leadership Principles for Entrepreneurial Success

by Jared Polak

Friend of Sinners: An Approach to Evangelism

by Harvey Turner

The Asymmetrical Leader: Embrace Your Weaknesses. Unleash Your Strengths.

by Steve Knox