Hermeneutic of the Evident

by F. Guzzardi

The Race: That Boyce Girl

by L. H. Davis

The Town of Mohaba: Part 1 / Death

by Nazanin Marzban

Checkpoint Charlie

by Michele Iacono

Talks with Mussolini: Unusual Conversations

by Emil Ludwig

Egoists: A Book of Superman

by James Huneker

For Their Sins

by Rebecca Tran

La Fine Di Un Regno: Napoli E Sicilia

by Raffaele De Cesare

26 Giorni

by F. Guzzardi

I Am a Free Woman: Poems for a Little Girl

by Shavonda Robinson

The Town of Mohaba: Death

by Nazanin Marzban

The Artist: Checkpoint Charlie

by Iacono

Nel Vuoto

by Susanna Casubolo

Il Mondo Di Jade

by Sal Pacciani

Sola Notte: Only One Night

by Kamilla F