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Lunchbox Note: A Story About Loving Others

by Kristi Hayes and Marianne Booth

Activating the Promises Within

by Melinda Jones

Muere sin esperanza: Parte 1

by Itzel Uruchurtu

Todo pasa por una lección, mas no por una razón

by Sandra Hendrix


by Monica Septimio

Heridas del Tiempo

by Itzel Navarrete

God's Friendship Third Millennium Theology

by Louis Harvey Adams

Solomon's Robot

by Adam Griffith

Private Money Lending: Learn How To Consistently Generate A Passive Income Stream

by Gustavo J. Gomez

American Dog: 117 Years of Humping Around America Including a Marvelous Journey with Johnny O'Shea, Jr.

by B.T. Frug

Cuentos para Todos

by Ricardo Rivera Hernández

Truth to Power: Essays from the Great Darien Wesby

by Darien Wesby

Hoy soy Brenda

by Brenda Quiroz Ramírez

They Live Among Us

by Roger Dale Watson Jr.

Science of Personal Achievement

by Ayodele Cole Benson

Order of the Zodiac

by John Thrasher

Bullies: The Whole Story: A Childhood of Misery

by D. A. Marcoux

Samantha Strong Becomes Super

by Seth Pietsek

Samantha Strong Becomes Super

by Seth Pietsek

Jimmy Wheelz and the Minilights

by Tony Torres Vanga

Los cráneos de cristal: La revelación

by Elena Con a.

Secretos de Familia

by Fabiola Picazo Savournin

Preciosa Alma Milagrosa

by Michelle Maria Beyerlein

Uncommon Sense

by Darryl Turner

Before the Beginning: A Look into the Creation of Angels, the Universe, and Man

by G. George Pech

Noah's Yacht

by Julie Murat & Emma Raine Walker

Miraculous Precious Soul

by Michelle Maria Beyerlein

La Burbuja Azul: La Misión Secreta

by Hector Dees

Flower, Flower, Give Her Power

by Jordan C. Sullen

Story of Ricky, Micky, and Tricky

by Allen Piper

Project H.A.L.T.: Humans & Aliens Living Together

by Roger Dale Watson Jr.

Talk Before Text: A Prayer Journal Guide

by Lisa Cassman

Covered By His Hand

by Kathy Harrison

El gigante que camina

by Rolando Peñuñuri Contreras

Sam The Hippie Chicken

by Anderson Taylor

Elizabeth Gets Healed

by Angela Trujillo

Dancing Butterflies

by Gabriella Eva Nagy

Love on Blue Waves

by Daniel Gallik

Art and Abuse

by Deshauna Davis


by Erendira Itzel Garcia Islas

Love Letters

by Roger Dale Watson Jr.

La princesa de Octanova

by Jorge García Serrato

Gigi's Seasons With Friends

by Gina Marie Angelini

Rainbow Shines Through Clara

by Brooke Kodish Rutledge

YunGsDay's Sundaes Presents Patiently Shakin' for Ice Cream: 6 Easy Steps for Homemade Ice Cream

by Geno III

Your Voice is Your Power: Stop Believing Thoughts Of Fear and Start Becoming Who God Says You Are

by Romona Robinson

The Healthy Writer

by Irene S. Roth