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You Got It Right

by John Goiser

Owen was an average teenage boy before he took the pill.

by Blake Gardner

Blinded by Obsession

by Ann El-Nemr

Lonesome Vagabond

by Ann El-Nemr


by Hunter D. Darden

The Dark Side of the Woods

by Willie E. Dalton

Broken Sky

by Nancy Crumley

The Reckoning

by Dale Crotts

The Snapshot & Other Stories: Tales of Flowing Wells

by Chip Ballard

Simple, easy lessons with cute illustrations for children.

by Victoria Fletcher

Hubbleville Series Book 2

by Micki Bare

A fascinating tale of romance, murder, and mystery.

by Kristine Cabot

Jan Carol Publishing's 2018 Believe and Achieve Winner

by Melissa Sneed Wilson

The third book in the Madison McKenzie Files Series.

by Bev Freeman

True story about two cats saving themselves and their kittens.

by Helen Thatcher

Prose and poetry intertwined throughout the book.

by Cynthia M. Smith

Uniquely lucid and original poetry.

by Sr. Dale P. Rhodes

What might objects see in us as they set their gaze?

by Kathleen M. Jacobs

Carla lives in two different worlds.

by Michael C. Gryboski

Today, humanity faced extinction.

by James Clayton Taylor

A pharmacist's life takes a drastic turn when his partner's wife commits suicide.

by Mike Grindstaff

Bank Executive, Josh Stephens, is accused of murdering his wife.

by Dale Crotts

A poet is controlled by a Voice.

by Reynald Altema

Murder, mystery, and suspense create an exciting journey into the world of power and corruption.

by Dale Crotts

Making Raisins Dance

by Sylvia Weiss Sinclair

Book 7 of the Lindsay Harris Murder Mystery Series

by Linda Hudson Hoagland

God, My Greatest Love

by Rose Klix

Pastiche of Poetry

by Rose Klix

Delightful Appalachian themed short stories.

by Jan Howery

Poems, prose, and ponderings.

by Gail Carpenter

Gem,a young woman,surrounded by death,a bad marriage, is bent, not broken & her past and future reconcile.

by Rita Rumgay

Amelia Jones suddenly has extraordinary skill to getting the 'truth' and becomes a target.

by E. Louise Jaques

Short stories giving the author a taste of living in the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee.

by Elizabeth Hardin Buttke

Deano the Dino has to go to the doctor. He is afraid, but finds out how easy it really is!

by Charlotte S. Snead

Rare and Original interviews of 20 women deciding to NOT have children.

by Jenn Sadai

Set in the Colonial frontier, a boy and his faithful yellow dog discover mystical connection to Shadow Dogs.

by Peggy McLain