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Chicago Warriors Midnight Battles in the Windy City

by John M. Wills

Groman employs a murder for hire scheme, wiretaps, surveillances, and a mystical twist to keep reader engaged from be

by Herman Groman

A magical coin takes a fourteen year old on a magical journey.

by Bob Doerr

Four teenagers collide with greed, ambition and convoluted definitions of morally right.

by Gary Repetto

Emerson LaMonica suffers several tragedies and is forced to drop her walls and let others help heal her wounds.

by Wendy Giglio Fiore

An eastern North Carolina farmer's daughter, Margot, streaks like a comet into the life style of the rich and famous.

by Betty J. Vaughn

This is the story of a determined young woman who begins married life on a sharecrop farm during the Depression.

by Nancy Powell

The FBI and NYPD fights a war on drugs as cocaine floods the streets of NYC.

by Michael Tabman

Thunder Canyon details a Secret Service Investigation of a counterfeit gold coin and bar operation in the 1900's.

by Donald Brewer

A transporting tale of love, disaster, and redemption, a journey where nothing happens quite as they expectec.

by Chinenye Obiajulu

Ollie and Roy work hard toward a good home during the Great Depression.

by Nancy Powell

Love is personal, war is not, especially in North Carolina, 1865-1867, during the reconstruction.

by Betty J. Vaughn

Word of God, Word of Man combines the wisdom of the Bible and of man on a wide variety of topics for everyone.

by Rick Etchells

High school junior Kyle Donovan must discover whether football can help him overcome multipal obstacles.

by Jack Travers

Tidge wears a treasured Army Air Corps flight jacket that he believed belonged to Santa Clause.

by Richard Baran

Grace DeRosa discovers a spring that imparts unique powers that lead to the ability to control the mind.

by Jeff Lovell

Greeks surprise the world by imposing a series of humiliating defeats on Italy in 1940-1941.

by George Mavro

What would happen if an illegal drug, discovered by accident, could open pathways that have never before been opened?

by Jeff Lovell

LIVING WITH A LEGEND offers touching stories about acclaimed step-father, Iwao Takamoto creator of Scooby-Doo

by E. Leslie Stern

Regen is a Bremen. By nature he loves only his pet skeen, sensual women, money, and adventure in that order.

by M. L. Hollinger

The second book of the series Operation Medina, opens up with the Greeks retreating from theTurkish onslaught.

by George Mavro

The Balkans and Mideast is the setting for this action novel which takes place in the not so distant future.

by George Mavro

Both crimes were intricately planned to mislead the authorities and no one appears to have a motive.

by Bob Doerr

The 1980 Gray Murders follows Riddle C. Thomas, Junior and the murder of his mother, Henrietta Thomas

by Steve A. Reeves

Midnight Sin is an inside look at the dark and mysterious world behind the cop s badge.

by Michael Tabman

Jim West must prove his innocence when a multiple homicides all point to him.

by Bob Doerr

A fast moving international thriller that pits a lone agent against a vicious terrorist attacking two U.S. airports.

by Bob Doerr

When the victim is found dead, the race to find the killer begins.

by Bob Doerr

The Jungle Book (Disney the Jungle Book)

by Random House Disney

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

by Mem Fox

Curious George

by H. A. Rey