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What does the Bible say?

We recently recieved this email from a reader:

My wife and I both have unbiblical divorces in our background.  We were married to each other over 40 years ago and have two children.  Until last week I have been struggling with what God thinks of us, pretty much every single day and night.  How do were really stand before God?  Are we really married to each other and to no one else?  Are we married to multiple spouses now?  Are we really married “in God’s eyes” only to our first spouses and therefore have been “living in adultery” all these years?  Does one of us need to die so that the one left behind can finally have closure?  Do we need to divorce each other and live separate celibate lives or remarry our first spouses who are already married to someone else?  Do we need to live together as “brother and sister” and sleep in different beds under the same roof? Is there no hope for great sinners like ourselves?

Last week I read Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage by Dr Adams. He showed me, for the first time in my life, that God didn’t want any loose ends in our marriage. I understand now that our sinful divorces years ago really did break our prior marriages and our adulterous marriage to each other afterwards could and has been forgiven and blessed by God.