The best part? The theory takes up only two pages. The rest is real-life applications.

A Revolutionary Scientific Theory
The Theory of People is the result of three years of scientific research. It questions the assumption that exists in social sciences—that human psychology has to be complicated—and offers a simple explanation that can be proven in multiple experiments and real-life.

It allows us to understand:
- Why we do what we do, so we can easily change it
- Why others do what they do, so we can understand them better
- What causes behaviors such as acting in anger, being lazy and 20 other ones so that we can control them

- What makes people buy, so we can optimize our businesses
- What makes one product or service better than the other, so we can beat our competitors
- How does the perfect product or service look like, so we can maximize our revenues

- What economy is all about, so we can filter the information we encounter in the media
- What makes one country wealthier than the other, so we can understand the world around us
- What is the golden law of economy, so we can use it to get richer

- What is happiness so that we can increase it
- What causes feelings such as fear, stress, regret and 15 different ones, so we can easily manage them
- What makes us feel inadequate, shy or worry so that we can stop feeling it

The Mind
- What processes influences the information our minds save, so we can learn faster and remember more
- What is intelligence and wisdom so that we can get smarter
- Why don’t some people change their opinion in the face of contradicting facts so that we can omit such errors