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Trading a tight-knit family, a one-stop-light town, and a high school sweetheart, Julia Maki travels vis bus and plane for the first time to begin a marching life in the US Navy, who now has ownership over her body. Nautical leadership's use of corrective humiliation and a male-dominated society do not deter the young ensign's aspirations for a future of excellence. Whether on land or sea, Maki learns important lessons from her new family, bringing her to blossom into a confident young woman who turned homesickness, heartbreak, and drunken stupors into steadfastness, communicative resolutions, and maturity. Throughout her career, we follow this brave young girl who loves adventure and taking risks, routing for her during challenges, and at times, laughing loudly along the way. Her practical outlook on life, realistic attitude regarding relationships, and ever-present "leave no man behind" adage are sentiments many seek to prosses but few accomplish in upholding. Eyes full of pride and a heart bursting with warmth are the results of her exploits, ones in which the reader had taken upon him/herself, having noted them as accomplished. Young and old alike beam with pride as Maki, who herself as a true member of the armed forces, remains true to her credo: Only equal treatment created equal respect. In the end, one is proud to have opened her memoirs and had replaced the ideal of being an unknown voyeur with the certainty that Maki, once a stranger, is now a friend. Don't miss out n the fun.