Wisdom of Age is a true account of personal observations and lessons learned about life from children starting out to those who’ve lived it. More than a book, it’s a compendium of wisdom that people age 5 to 103, have chosen to share about growing up, growing old, and the years in between. Within its pages, expect to find an open, honest, and compelling resource that anyone can turn to again and again for humor, warmth, inspiration, motivation, affirmation, and comfort. It is also a source to stimulate individual, family or group discussion on a whole range of subjects. Motivated by a desire to change perceptions, this book is also a tribute to and recognition of the insight, relevance and wisdom available to us through everybody and at any age. Your purchase, is a starting point in a movement against ageism and the right of all us, regardless of age or ability, to be treated with the dignity and respect we deserve. You can help make that happen simply by following in the footsteps of those already sharing their Wisdom of Age with others.