For five years, this boy did not know if each sunrise he saw would be his last.

I was born in 1930 in Grodno, Poland and condemned to death as a young boy by Hitler's plan to exterminate every Jew.  I was hunted for no reason other than my Jewish faith, and living on the wrong continent, at the wrong time.  

In 1941, I stood at the open gates to the gas chamber at Aushwitz, when the Sword of Death was miraculously lifted from my throat by what i call "Our God."  I spent my teenage years in concentration camps as a politcal prisoner and an enemy of the state.  

In these pages, I tell my story for all who died at  the hands of the Nazis and can speak no more.  I hope to show an example of one man who prevailed and lived a productive life - spreading the concepts of peace and forgiveness - despite my suffering and ruthless abuse.


Hirshel Gordzienski aka Harold Gordon