SALVAGE transports you back to the shattered, magic-infused world of Peridot.

The broken planet of Peridot is headed for its second Cataclysm. One of their gods is dead, and those that remain are too distracted by that lingering threat to protect their own people. Meanwhile, the Cutter Empire has kept the truth from their citizens, closing borders and stomping down hard on anyone who tries to expose their secrets.

On the other side of the world, Talis and the best gods-rotted airship crew in the skies have a plan to set things back to rights—if they just had a ship.

The only way back is another bad contract, one that centers them in the crosshairs of traitors, terrorists, governments, and gods.

Can the orphaned crew of Wind Sabre rebuild their planet—and their lives—without getting killed in the process?