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Why Is There Pain In The World?

Some questions have simple, basic answers. Yet others are a bit more complicated and take a certain amount of wisdom and discretion to offer an adequate response.”This book a complex exploration of life’s hardest questions as the Reverend John Kassen presents a collection of sermons on subjects ranging from prayer and “proper” church behavior, to war, death, evil, free will, and the nature of God.If you’ve ever wondered things like, “Where is Heaven?” “Is God fair?” “Do I have free will?” “Why does God allow evil in the world?” “Can a person who commits suicide go to Heaven?” “How do I know the Bible is true?” or “Why am I here?” This is the book for you.Using a combination of stories from his life, anecdotes from his years in ministry, and passages from the Bible, Pastor John Kassen helps readers come to a deeper understanding of themselves, the world, the church, and God and His work in their lives.