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Was Lydia Saved or Kidnapped?

The day the island was attacked, Danny handed his only weapon to his sister Lydia and told her to run. Three years later, she still blames herself for his death. Lydia's fragile, barely-rebuilt world shatters again when Danny's murderers return and she's shot in the back. When she wakes, Lydia finds herself somewhere she's never been: high school. Yucca Mountain School is hidden deep underground and far from ordinary. The creepy headmaster who claims that her father is dead and the nurse obsessed with drawing her blood at every opportunity would have been bad enough, but when Lydia spots Danny, her brother--her dead brother--in an old school photo, she knows that something is very, very wrong. Desperate to discover what happened to Danny, Lydia must do all she can to unlock the secrets of the school and the mysterious Latium Project before she ends up just like him.