This exclusive hardcover edition includes the novella, SOLITUDE

"...a classic tale of Good vs. Evil. The book starts out strong and keeps going. It’s the type of read that the reader can’t put down for fear of missing something! The author does a fantastic job of weaving a dark tale full of suspense and evil. My gut clenched each time Bobby came upon evil – I think I bit my lip so hard that I have a mark! I enjoyed reading this book a lot and loved the writing. I’m looking forward to the next one in the series."   — Crystal's Many Reviewers

"J.S. Bailey has created a mystery/thriller with the perfect sprinkle of paranormal into the mix. With every answer supplied to Bobby, more and more questions arose. I was quickly unable to stop reading as I found that I needed answers too. Although Bobby has the gift of premonition, he is still a character who is easy to relate to, being so trusting and carefree, while the other characters are quite complex and take some time to tap into. Servant was an absolute delight to read and gives the perfect start to The Chronicles of Servitude. I will most definitely be seeking out many more books by this author."   — Readers' Favorite