Even in the absence of the physical Womb, the spiritual womb still exists and needs to be healed.

"What happened over that 20-year period was years of self-neglect in so many areas of my life, and it was culminating on a day that usually carried so much joy for me - Christmas. What started as a singular fibroid tumor in 1996 had multiplied to more than 70 tumors, with some as large as a grapefruit. I was not ignorant to the tumors; I knew they were there. My uterus had grown to the size of a woman in her fifth month of pregnancy. My moon (menstrual) cycles were unbearable, and there were times when the pain made me feel like I was dying. I would talk myself through those unbearable moments and remind myself that the pain was temporary; until it wasn’t." 

HEALING THE WOMB: A JOURNEY TO WELLNESS AND WHOLENESS by Carol Lynne Smith is an intimate, engaging and though-stirring view of finding healing through spirit and alternate healing methods.