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Candy for the 19th Century New York City History Buff!

Striking out from his home in Fairfield, Connecticut, Jonathan Sturges obtained a clerk position in a merchant firm in New York City and rose to become the lead partner in the largest coffee and tea trading house in New York. For five decades he rode the American wave of growth and ingenuity, from the opening of the Erie Canal, through the Civil War, to the dawing of the Gilded Age-when robber barons such as his son-in-law J.P. Morgan, were taking main stage. Through these transformational times for the nation, he founded banks, railroads, hospitals and pioneered art patronage for American artists of the Hudson River School of Art, while being always ready to lend his efforts and assets to worthy philanthropic projects. His civic activism included his involvement in the Committee of Seventy which brought down the Tweed Ring and his leading role in coming to the aid of the African-American victims of the Civil War draft riots. His intimate circle of friends were a who's who of naitonal politicians, military leaders, businessmen and men of the arts.

This engaging historical biography is a quintessential American success story and provides an intimate window into iconic events in American history as influenced and experienced by the Sturges. Open the book and you'll open to door to the extraordinary life and times of Jonathan Sturges-Merchant of Old New York.