"A New Hope: Second Chances and a Forgotten Boy" shows how love, kindness, and ultimately trust in the Lord can heal

In Emily Stalder Johnson’s novel “A New Hope: Second Chances and a Forgotten Boy,” we read about young Dublin Pearson’s tumultuous life, which is suddenly changed for the better by the lonely horse breeder, Andy Caldwell, who saves Dublin from a life of constant pain and suffering. A childless widower, Andy takes the abused boy in and treats him as his own son. He tries to heal Dublin’s wounds, both physical and spiritual, by showing him the first examples of love and kindness that Dublin has seen in years. But tragedy strikes months later, and Dublin must decide if he will put his trust in the Lord. Dublin’s journey from anger, skepticism, and doubt to gratefulness, forgiveness, and faith is truly inspiring; I really enjoyed the author’s descriptions and development of the protagonists. Even the villain, Anthony Pearson, is written through a lens of imperfection and forgiveness, proving that none of us are truly good or truly evil, despite our vast faults. This is a powerful Christian faith novel for young adults and adults alike.

-Book review by Elizabeth Sweet