Nine authors, nine diverse stories - one problem - scandalous first ladies!

WHEN I KILL HIM, JESUS CAN HAVE HIM was born out of one humorous social media post. This collection of short stories - from nine powerful new voices in fiction - peeks in at first ladies who are or have lost their ever-loving minds.

She might be plotting to kill her husband. She might be practicing voodoo. She might be the biggest gossip and busy-body ever. She might be a woman with a past, who is as uncomfortable being married to a preacher, as a person handling kerosene near a fire. She might be involved in all kind of scandalous things. She has all kinds of messy stains on her pretty church attire.

WHEN I KILL HIM, JESUS CAN HAVE HIM is a mixture of fiction styles and writers blending around one theme –the First Lady loves drama!