"When I heard there was a sequel to The Weeping Books of Blinney Lane, I was hopeful but doubtful. The first was so perfectly complete. Well, Drea Damara outdid herself, doing the almost impossible and improving on an already powerful story."   — John Darryl Winston, author of the IA series

"This was a great story and very well written. When I started the story I realized it was the second of a series and thought probably needed to have read the first to pick up the story, but that was not the case."   — LibraryThing Early Reviewers

"…masterfully creative… This thrilling and intriguing tale will keep you engaged until the very end. Fantasy writing at its best!"   — Gwendalyn Anderson, Gwendalyn Books

"…so absorbing that I found myself not wanting to reach the end…"    — Bridget East, Briannesbyte