Leigh Brackett's classic adventure, fully illustrated!

Danger Awaits in the Far North!

Long ago, an ancient evil was sealed away in the northern wastes of Mars by the legendary hero, Ban Cruach. A powerful talisman of Ban Cruach has been stolen--the thief's dying wish is that it be returned by Eric John Stark to its rightful place in the City of Kushat which stands before the Gates of Death!

Before Stark can reach Kushat, he and the Talisman fall into the hands of a mysterious warlord named Ciaran, who prepares to lead a warband against Kushat and beyond. Undeterred by superstition, Ciaran seeks the power and riches that are said to lie beyond the Gates of Death and Ban Cruach's eternal vigil!

Ciaran may bring destruction not only to the northern city states but all of Mars, if Kushat should fall and the Gates of Death be thrown open before his hordes!