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The secrets behind the worlds elite performers

"What you’re reading is a carefully organized, expertly expressed catalogue. Fergus obtained the knowledge conveyed here by dedicating his entire adult life to studying the most competitive arenas in the world, and then putting what he learned into practice. These lessons are relatable to anyone who is looking for a competitive edge in their own context. What you have in your hands is an incredible opportunity to gain ground on your battlefield. Use this book to sharpen your leadership and learn the mental skills that will enhance your life in every way.' 

Ben Ives - US Navy Seal (Ret)


"Dr. Connolly's first book was a Game Changer for sports science and the way I approached my craft. This book, 59 Lessons changed the other parts of my game in business, coaching, and the betterment of myself. You have no choice but to walk away from this page turner with perspective, challenges, amazing insight, and a recommitted purpose to excellence in competition and in life." 

Riley Ross - Sports Science Performance Coach, The Ohio State University


"Win with Fergus - Real life lessons of knowledge and experience providing Inspirational strategies in business, life and sport from the world’s best leaders."

Bill Sweetenham - Olympic Hall of Fame Swim Coach


“Once I started reading 59 Lessons I found I could not put the book down. Real world experience trumps theory any day, and Fergus has done a masterful job at presenting his triumphs and his lessons learned so that readers can put the info into practice immediately."

John DeWitt - Johnson Space Center NASA