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The professional music's tough out there! Yet musicians manage to survive and even thrive in this competitive environment. Lessons from a Street-Wise Professor encourages the reader to take his or her skills, talents and interests and put them into a package - You, Inc. A musician is like a small store where clients come to buy your musical services. It can be a corner store where selections may be generic, or it can be a specialty boutique. We want boutiques. The authors' mission is to help young musicians who are at point A in life, figure out where they want to be (point B), and to discover their path to get there. It's realistic but positive, because the truth really is that one can craft a successful, meaningful, personalized career based on interests and talents, and that is one of the fantastic things about being a musician. Among the many practical skills you'll learn are:

  • developing an entrepreneurial mindset
  • understanding your musical marketplace
  • separating yourself from the pack
  • navigating professional relationships
  • maintaining your artistic integrity while striving for financial success

Perfect for music students just entering the professional world or for anyone considering a career in music—and a helpful read for non-musicians and old pros, too!