Every family has its secrets. And its rebel.

A riveting new series from USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bernard …


Every family has its rebel … and its secrets.


In a remote outpost deep in the Cascades, the Rockwell family has been running historic Rocky Peak Lodge for generations. But now, that legacy is at risk of disappearing forever.


Kai, always the rebel, would rather risk his life as a rescue paramedic than deal with his impossible father, “Mad Max” Rockwell. Only one thing could bring him home—a real threat to his family’s legacy. Especially in the form of a beautiful woman.


Nurse Nicole Davidson never pictured herself as a spy. All she wants is security for her sister. Get some inside intel for a real estate group while working for surly Max? She can do that. Until the outrageously sexy Kai Rockwell shows up and throws everything into chaos.


Equally determined, equally passionate about protecting their families, Kai and Nicole don’t know if they should be enemies or lovers. All they know is they can’t resist each other…no matter the price.