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Uniquely lucid and original poetry.

Daddy's Apple Tree is Dale's first book of poetry. Dale's poetry is uniquely lucid and original. He offers to the reader an opportunity to feel his sensitivity and thoughts, as he addresses a wide range of subjects such as love and romance, his childhood, family, and growing up in the family-oriented community of Lignum, within Culpeper, Virginia. He presents to you his down-home spun humor; and his adages about the quirks of everyday life with history and fiction juxtaposed within his works.

About the author:

Dale P. Rhodes, Sr. was born in central Virginia and still lives there today. He wrote poetry and short stories in high school. After graduation life became centered around work, bills, and parenthood and writing was pushed to the back burner. The death of Dale’s father stirred his pen to life again. Dale loves his wife and their four grown children. He also loves movies, music, sports, and doing projects around the house. His rescue dogs and cats are his babies now. Dale continues to write and hopes to have his fourth and fifth books coming to fruition in the near future.