“Wake up and smell the coffee! Daniel Misdea's The Book of Joe is an exciting debut from a fresh and funny voice. This charming book is the transformative tale of how even a weak cup of coffee can become strong.” - Patrick McDonnell (Mutts)

“Daniel Misdea's The Book of Joe made me laugh, and feel sympathetic towards a cup of coffee. Now I can't go to Starbucks without chuckling or getting emotional.” - Lonnie Millsap (bacön)

"If a sentient cup of coffee can find friendship, there's hope for all of us!” - Elizabeth Pich (Fun Girl)

“Dan is a wildly creative, funny & prolific comic. I loved this insightful & witty story of a journey that reflects what it means to be human. I developed compassion for Joe as he faced the heartaches and rock-bottoms that ultimately catalyze one to search for purpose. The Book of Joe is well written, well sequenced, and well received!” - Lou Redmond (Find Your Truth)

“It’s always refreshing to see the work of a new cartoonist as they carve out their niche in the world of scribbling, even more so when they are as witty and talented as Dan Misdea. The Book of Joe is a fun and insightful read” - Mark Lynch (Clancy)

"I'm a big fan of coffee and few books capture the spirit of coffee quite like The Book of Joe. Both touching and delightful, The Book of Joe is sure to make you think twice before treating a cup of coffee thoughtlessly ever, ever again. If it doesn't, then you don't have a soul." - Brad Perri (Pirate Mike)


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